Minecraft 1.3 Breaks Z5Craft

As I’m sure you all know, Minecraft 1.3 has recently been released. This update contains a bug that breaks Z5Craft. Until this bug is fixed, there is no way to fix Z5Craft. The testing server (Z5T1.com:25566) will be down until further notice.

Technical Details of the Bug

Prior to Minecraft 1.3, when a non op player entered a command, the server log said “<Player> tried command <command>”. This mechanism was what Z5Craft used to tell when players entered commands on the server. Unfortunately, Mojang removed/disabled this in Minecraft 1.3. Without this feature, Z5Craft can not work, and there is no easy way to fix Z5Craft without rewriting the majority of the code from scratch.

3 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.3 Breaks Z5Craft

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  2. Is very sad that Z5Craft stopped to work, but this is not a bug. Mojang changed this for their own reasons, and their doesn’t not give support to Z5Craft, so… this is not a Minecraft bug, Z5Craft is just incompatible with the newer versions of Minecraft

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