Z5Craft is a plugin system for Minecraft, like Bukkit. Z5Craft has a few things about it that are different from other server mods:

  • Technically speaking, Z5Craft is a wrapper, not a mod. This means that Z5Craft is always compatible with any version of Minecraft, including the latest version and the weekly snapshots.
  • Plugins written for Z5Craft won’t break.
  • Z5Craft is compatible with most other server mods. This means you can use both Bukkit/CanaryMod and Z5Craft.

So what are you waiting for? Download and try Z5Craft today! Or, if you don’t want to download it quite yet, log on to Z5T1.com:25566 to try out Z5Craft!

Note: Z5Craft is currently in the Alpha stage. This means that there will be bugs, things may not work as anticipated, Z5Craft may not be all that stable and Z5Craft may be a little difficult to use at this stage.