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PluginSummaryZ5Craft VersionCraft CommanderDownload Link
BoostpackAdds some shortcut commands found in most other server mods.0.1.0 and newer/cc pack install boostpackDownload (.zip)


Boostpack adds some of the features that Z5Craft lacks over other server mods. See the list below for a complete list of features. Download the zip file and extract it to your plugins directory. For Z5Craft v. 0.2.0 and higher, use “/cc pack install boostpack”.


  • /backup – “/backup <backupname>” for quickly backing up your map.
  • /creative – quickly change your gamemode to creative.
  • /day – quickly set the time to day.
  • /i – quickly spawn yourself an item.
  • /night – quickly set the time to night.
  • /survival – quickly change your gamemode to survival.

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