Minecraft 1.3 Breaks Z5Craft

As I’m sure you all know, Minecraft 1.3 has recently been released. This update contains a bug that breaks Z5Craft. Until this bug is fixed, there is no plausible way to fix Z5Craft and. The testing server (Z5T1.com:25566) will be down until further notice. For technical details on the bug, click here.

4 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.3 Breaks Z5Craft

  1. Hi, i try to install lastest version on ubuntu server, but when i type ./server the server fall in looping and it type me
    cat: z5craft/users/started.: File or directory not exist.
    say Z5Craft started.

    I have already make all z5craft folders and file chmod 777 but not work anyway, can you help me? =)

    • Here are some things you can try checking:
      1) Were you able to connect to your server at all?
      2) Do you have GNU screen installed? Z5Craft can’t work without it.
      3) Which version of Minecraft are you using? Z5Craft currently doesn’t work with anything later than 1.3.

  2. Too bad this change in the minecraft broke this mod :( . But it’s not a bug, it’s just a behavior changing. The use of the message was tricky, a good idea indeed, but is not correct to say the fact that Mojang removed this message is a bug, because it’s not.

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