Redsparc Technical Specifications and Features

  • 32 bits
  • Processor Clock Speed: 4 Hz*
  • RAM: 4GB (kind of)**
  • 5 digit decimal display
  • 5 digit decimal input
  • Programmable symbol / status lights
  • A game pad like input device
  • Input / Output ports for communicating with hardware, making it easy to build your own hardware devices!
  • Random Number Generator
  • Keyboard
  • GPU, capable of displaying 16 colors and rendering text.


* The Redsparc actually has a variable speed clock, meaning different operations can take different amounts of time to complete. 4 Hz is just the average for most operations.

** The Redsparc uses command blocks for RAM access. Being that command blocks can handle 32 bit integers, the Redsparc has access to a theoretical 4GB of memory. In practice, trying to use more than a few megabytes of memory will cause Minecraft to crash. So the practical limit would be more like 16MB.

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