Welcome to our map center! All of our old maps are listed here.

Fort Willow

April 2014 – Present

Our second 1.7 map home to the towns of Fort Willow (spawn), Bunkerville and Bridge Over Troubled Water as well as the magnificent Yellow Brick Road and Emerald City.


December 2013 – March 2014

Our first 1.7 map featuring the new clay canyons, snow capped mountains and non-infinite oceans.


July 2013 – November 2013

The 1.6 map home to the (finally) waterless deserts, real money and horses.

Woods End

August 2012 – June 2013

The map home to the swamp city of Woods End, the forest town of Birchwood and the mountain city of Rawrtopia. This was the longest we ever had one map, and was the first map many of our players knew.

The Countries

May 2012 – July 2012

The map with different countries, each with their own set of rules. This map was home to the great server war and many testificate villages.

Johnsonville / The Hunger Games Party

March 2012 – April 2012

The map we played right after rain forests were added to the game. It was home to the abandoned testificate village Johnsonville, the new rain forests with enormous trees and the Hunger Games party.

Ceresville / Star Wars Party

November 2011 – February 2012

The first map for most of the old timers on our server. It was home to the quaint town of Ceresville, the magnificent Cliffside City and the Star Wars party. This is our favorite map so far.

Where are the Earlier Maps?

March 2011 – October 2011

Prior to Ceresville, we didn’t bother keeping track of out maps. We had several maps in this time period, most of which have been lost and forgotten over the years.




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