Hey I'm Ceres1, you know, the owner of the server. I think you all know me pretty well, but if not here you go: One thing that you must understand is that Ceres1 and Z5T1 are both the same person: me! I'm a programmer that also likes to play minecraft. So this is my website and yes, I made all the stuff on here.

No More UER, New Rule Pages

Hi Everyone! A couple of things here. One, we’re nixing the UER system. In its place, we will be using a new in game currency. See me in game for more details. Two, we have a new rule pages. Each territory has its own rule page in addition to the server rule page. Please know that there are just new… Read more →

New Map

Hello everyone I’m sorry to tell you that onicx4 has griefed the old Woods End map beyond repair. In one week, we will start a new map. The old map will be available for download Sorry about all of this and I hope you understand – Ceres1 Read more →