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Attention: Minecraft Server Center is officially being discontinued!

Minecraft Server Center is officially being discontinued. All support and development is ceasing. Efforts are instead being put into developing Z5craft, a new program that does much more than Minecraft Server Center. Minecraft Server Center will of course, still be compatible with the latest version of Minecraft if you wish to continue using it.

Important News About the Future of Minecraft Server Center

After Minecraft Server Center 2.0 is released, Minecraft Server Center will be discontinued and essentially be no more. The old versions will always be here for you to download, but there will be no support other than the forums. If anyone else would like to keep developing Minecraft Server Center, please email me at Z5T1@Z5T1.com or make a post on the forums.

Minecraft Server Center is now Available on Mac OS X!

The Mac version of Minecraft Server Center is now available to download! Now you can get all the features of Minecraft Server Center 1.1 on Macs. Special thanks to Geek for porting everything.

Minecraft Server Center 1.1 Released!

The final version of Minecraft Server Center 1.1 is now available! This version introduces exciting new features, such as auto updating, better help, better Bukkit support and an easier way to manage your settings. In the next few months, work will begin on Minecraft Server Center 2.0, which will bring even more features such as:

  • SSH support
  • System repair
  • Bukkit profiles
  • Canary Mod support
  • Level Backup
  • And more!

Canary support may or may not be in version 2.0. If it is not in 2.0 it will definitely be in version 2.1. While all of this progress is being made, support for older versions of Minecraft Server Center will be dropped. Here's a chart with when support will end for each version:

Version Release Date End of Support Date End of Life Date
1.0 6/3/11 1/7/12 5/12/12
1.1 12/29/11 6/23/12*


2.0 4/28/12*



End of Support means that email support will no longer be available and there will only be updates for major bugs.

End of Life means that there will be no more official updates at all.

*This date is unconfirmed and may change.