Cucumber Linux 1.1 Lifecycle

Updated September 3, 2018



Date Significance
2017-10-04 Development Begins on Cucumber Linux 1.1
2018-04-04 Cucumber Linux 1.1 Released
2019-12-31 End of Full Support for Cucumber Linux 1.1
2020-03-31 End of Life for Cucumber Linux 1.1

Selective Support

On December 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM UTC Cucumber Linux 1.1 will move from the full support stage of its lifecycle to the selective support stage. This is happening because upstream support is ending for at least one of the core packages. During selective support, we will continue to provide security updates for as many packages as possible; however, it will no longer be possible to provide security updates for the packages that are now unsupported upstream. For more details, see the Cucumber Linux support policy at

The following packages will no longer be supported on Cucumber Linux 1.1 effective at 12:00 AM UTC on the indicated date. All other packages will continue to be supported until the end of life date (March 31, 2020).

Package End of Support (on Cucumber Linux 1.1)
openssl 2020-01-01

End of Life

On March 31, 2020 at 11:59 PM UTC Cucumber Linux 1.1 will reach its end of life. Once at its end of life, Cucumber Linux 1.1 will not receive any further updates for any reason, including security fixes for packages that are still supported upstream. It is therefore very important that users of Cucumber Linux 1.1 upgrade their systems to a more recent version before this date.

Upgrade Path

As of this writing (2018-09-03), Cucumber Linux 1.1 is the latest stable version of Cucumber Linux. Due to this, there is currently no upgrade path in place for users of Cucumber Linux 1.1.