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Cucumber Linux is currently an alpha product. This means there will be several bugs, which may be unsuitable for a production environment. Be mindful of this when using the development releases of the distribution.

Basic ISO vs. Full ISO

Starting with snapshot 2017-01-06 the distribution has grown too large to fit on a single CD. In order to deal with this dilema, we will be releasing two ISO images per architecture for each release. The first image is the basic ISO. This image contains only the base package groups, but still fits on a single CD. The second is the full ISO which contains all of the available packages. It is over 700 MB in size though, so it will require a DVD or USB flash drive. Hopefully this will be an appropriate solution to this problem.

Most Recent Downloads

Latest Snapshot - 2017-03-17a

Released March 17, 2017

i686 (32 bit) - full ISO

x86_64 (64 bit) - full ISO

Sorry, there were no basic ISOs built this time. The basic ISOs will continue to be built for the major releases (Alphas, Betas, RCs and Stables), but they will no longer be built for every snapshot. It's a lot of work to strip down the ISOs properly, and didn't seem worth it for every single snapshot. If you really need an ISO under 700 MB for a CD, download one of the previous builts that did have have a basic ISO, and update the system using pickle.

Latest Development Release - Alpha 2

Released December 14, 2016

i686 (32 bit) - full ISO

x86_64 (64 bit) - full ISO

All Downloads

The installation ISOs, binary packages and source tree are available for download via http at or rsync at rsync:// The current tree is the current development branch. This is where all the interesting stuff happens. It is also the tree you should patch. The other trees represent the various alpha releases, which are snapshots of the current branch at a given point in time. They do not receive patches.