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Snapshot 2017-01-06a is now Available

A new snapshot is now available. This snapshot introduces (amongst other things) support for several common daemons (including Apache, PHP, MariaDB and Rsync) and the X Window System. This marks a huge step towards a beta release; the remaining work that needs to be done before the beta release now consists only of building the XFCE desktop environment and common X11 applications.

Starting with this snapshot the distribution has grown too large to fit on a single CD. In order to deal with this dilema, we will be releasing two ISO images per architecture for each release from now on (opposed to the one CD image that has been released thus far). The first image is the basic ISO. This image contains only the base package groups, but still fits on a single CD. The second is the full ISO which contains all of the available packages. It is over 700 MB in size though, so it will require a DVD or USB flash drive. Hopefully this will be an appropriate solution to this problem.

Go grab the new snapshot at the download page. The full list of changes can be found in the CHANGELOG.

Posted January 6, 2017

Alpha 2 is now Available!

Get it at the Download page.